‘Looking through the Keyhole’

Willenhall Heritage Trail, links the town centre to Willenhall Memorial Park and Fibbersley Nature Reserve.

The walk is a celebration of Willenhall’s rich industrial heritage, famous people and places - a walk through time. The steering groups wanted to not only celebrate the world famous Lock and Key industries, but dig deeper into its past and rejoice in the town’s history
right back to its Anglo Saxon origins.

Willenhall has a fascinating history. It’s one of the few Black Country towns that retains so much of its original
Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian buildings.

Since the 17th century Willenhall has been the centre of a thriving trade in the production of locks and keys. It developed here because of the large deposits of iron ore and limestone.

As well as this rich industrial heritage, Willenhall has fantastic green spaces which surround the town and are a pleasure to discover. The Market Place is a centrepiece of the town, with a market operating on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The Heritage trail consists of a number of large plaques which you will find set into the pavement.
There are also a number of smaller ‘key’ plaques along the way.

Follow them and discover Willenhall’s splendid heritage.

The walk may be undertaken as one continuous loop or a series of smaller walks. Follow the map and discover the plaques. You can go
at your own pace, deciding the direction you wish to take and the most convenient place to start and finish.