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The station at Stafford Street in Willenhall was opened for traffic on November 1st 1872 by the Wolverhampton and Walsall Railway Co. The station was first named Willenhall Market Place but changed later to Willenhall Stafford Street.

The Wolverhampton & Walsall Railway had no rolling stock of its own and the line was operated by the London and North Western Railway in whom it was vested on July 1st 1875 . A year later it was sold to the Midland Railway Co in whose ownership it continued until the grouping in 1923 when it became part of the L.M.S. Railway.

With revenue declining the line closed to passenger traffic on January 5th 1931 but continued to carry freight until November 1st 1965 when it finally closed for good. The line runs through the Memorial Park and the site of the former station is now part of the park.