Willenhall History Society

Photographs of Willenhall 1960s

Alan Braddock's slides John Williams Slides
Acorn Street Lower Lichfield Street 2 Atlantic Works Middle Gardens
Acorn Street 2 Lower Lichfield Street 3 Board School Walsall Rd Minerva
Acorn Street 3 Lower Lichfield Street 4 Cat Pub Moat Street Works
Albion Street Lower Lichfield Street 5 Cemetery Road Plaque, Lower Lichfield St
Alma Street Malthouse Lane Central Pattern Makers Reliant Lower Lichfield St
Alma and Wood Street Malthouse Lane 2 Central School St Giles School
Birmingham Street Malthouse Lane 3 Clock towards Dale Star Pub
Cannon Street Market Place Gomer Street Star Pub
Church Street Market Place 2 Leve Lane Temple Bar Factory
Church Street 2 Market Place 3 Crown Pub The Acorn
Church and Cannon Street Market Place 4 Dale Cinema Thomas Pedley Foundry
Clemson Street Riley Street Dale House Tiger Pub
Clemson Street2 Russell Street Dartmouth Club Toll House New Road
Cross Street Russell Street 2 George Dykes Toll House Walsall Road
Little Clothier Street Stringes Lane Houses New Road Upper Lichfield St houses
Lower Lichfield Street Union Street Jackdaw Union St Chapel House
Lane Head Post Office Upper Lichfield Street
Little London Baptist Upper Lichfield Street
Lodge Tavern Upper Lichfield Street
Castins Works W and E Foundry
Lower Lichfield Street Walsall Road Post Office
Lower Lichfield Street White Lion Pub
Lower Lichfield Street Windsor Castle Pub
Lower Lichfield Street Wood Street
Market Place Woodwards Shop