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Latest August 2021- programme now arranged up to March 2022


News July 2021

Now that things are looking a bit better Willenhall History Society will be restarting. The first meeting will be on Tuesday 14th September 2021 at 7.15pm. - an open evening with archives to look at and refreshments (possibly a glass of wine may be on offer!)

Further meetings are planned for the following months and the programme will be announced on 14th September.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!


Update April 2019.

It's been some time since we added to our website so here is our situation today.

We continue to take part in Willenhall's social structure and still hold regular monthly meetings at the CHART Centre, Gomer St,  starting at 7.15pm. on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. We offer an interesting range of speakers whose subjects are of varying historical topics and guaranteed to inform, educate and entertain. We also make regular appearances at the Carnival in the park, Market Place activities throughout the year and attend any local history fairs such as the Wolverhampton Archives at Molineux House.

It's during such events that we meet many people with Willenhall connections who provide us with lots of new historical information and sometimes donate photo's and other memorabilia to our archives. We have a couple of evenings throughout the year when we have these on display so if you have anything to offer us, or that we can photocopy, please contact us.

We are also available  to provide information that might assist you in any historical queries that you might have so just call and see us or get in touch through a committee member - phone numbers on this site.

In recent times we have started to produce a article in the Willenhall Life magazine courtesy of Simon Archer. These mags are free and available at the local supermarkets, certain shops and the library. With these often include appeals on behalf of people wanting information about Willenhall or former residents and these have been resolved in most cases.

We have in recent years lost committee members, namely June Worthington, Paul Kidson and our former chairman Les Burrows and with their passing we have lost valued colleagues and it is becoming harder to replace them. So perhaps I could sign off at this point with leaving you with the question 'do you have the skills and interest to join a happy band of Willenhallians and enjoy the fun involved in digging up the history of Willenhall'. If so come and meet us.

Regards, Bob Rushton. Chairman

6th January 2013

A series of photos of shops in the town centre taken in 1995 has been added. Town Centre Shops 1995

Don't forget to look at the Willenhall Heritage Trail website as well

12th November 2012

After a long break from adding any news I can report that the website now has a new address! The site will be shared with the Willenhall Heritage Trail. I hope to add more new material in the near future, so watch this space!

20th October 2009

I have added some entries about Willenhall from Nineteenth Century trade directories. They give a vivid idea of what the town was like in 1842 and 1850, particularly the type of manufactures and the coalmining. Look at About Willenhall I am still working on the shops in Stafford Street, but they should be added soon.

6th October 2009

An even longer break since I last put any news in here. The shops section is coming along - Shops in Willenhall - Market Place and Cross Street are now on the site. If you have any more information about the shops in Willenhall please let me know.

28th September 2008

After a long break over the summer while I have been busy with more outdoor pursuits I have now been able to add some more to the website. A section on Wood Street Cemetery has been added.

To make room in the contents list the Second World War in Willenhall pages can now be accessed through More about Willenhall.

10th April 2008

A small section on the Rushbrooke Farthing has been added to More about Willenhall.

Several mistakes have been corrected - if you see any more please let me know by email.

22nd February 2008

The new site is finished, for the moment at least. All the old material has been transferred and the old site has gone.

I will be adding more material to this site when possible - keep looking.

You can now contact us by email using a new address - willenhallhistory@gmail.com - please let me know what you think of the new site.

February 2008

New sections have now been included in the new site:

Cholera in Willenhall - the full text of the book describing the cholera outbreak in Willenhall in 1849

John Williams slides - slides from the 1960s by John Williams are now included along with the Allan Braddock pictures. Due to space limitations only a selection of John William's slides have been included but there are some very interesting old views of Willenhall.

Photos of Willenhall 2000 - a small selection of pictures taken in 2000, some of the buildings in the photos have disappeared already.

The photo pages have been rearranged so that you can use the index to find photos you want to see or use the and buttons to browse through all the photos in each section, or you can return to the index.

Links in the site are in light green, changing to blue green when you have visited them.

January 2008

The website is being revised to make it easier to use and to update. Most of the content remains the same, though things should be easier to find and should display better on your computer. The photo section will be completely redone to enable more photos to be included in the space available on the server.

While this is being done some material will be removed from the old site as it is transferred to the new one. I hope it is not too confusing!

With luck more information about Willenhall will gradually be added to the website, so keep coming back to see what is new!

August 2007

We are very sorry to report the death of Horace Davis. Horace was a founder member of Willenhall History Society and has made a tremendous contribution to its success. As Recorder he has collected and looked after donations of material about Willenhall and he has also replied to many queries about the town. He has written many of the books published by the Society, which provide a lasting record for the future. As friends and colleagues we will miss Horace's common sense and quiet humour. We wish his wife Jean well at this time and will all greatly miss Horace.